Frequently Asked Questions

How does this food campare to other fresh food delivery services?

Zuri Food is different because we use all human grade USDA ingredients and cook the food to human standards. In addition, our competitors use plastic packaging exclusively while Zuri Food uses a paper container that is recyclable. Also, we delivery for FREE in South Bay(Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Torrance, Hawthorne, Lawndale, and Lomita.)

How long can I keep this food fresh in my fridge?

Zuri Food will stay fresh for 7 days after it is thawed and kept in the refrigerator. We suggest you treat it just as you would your own food.

Can I freeze the food?

Our food comes frozen. Once thawed, it's ok to refreeze, just be sure to do so within 7 days so it remains fresh.

What if my dog feels ill or gets an upset tummy from the food?

If your dog shows a change in stools within 3-4 days of trying Zuri Food for the first time, that is completely normal and should return to a solid form within the week. However, if vomiting or diarrhea occur after the 3-4 day initial period, it's best to skip a meal to make sure her tummy can heal. Then, at her next mealtime, feed a limited amount to make sure she's all better. Resume the regular feeding amount at her next meal. Any vomiting or diarrhea that lasts more than 2 days in a row, consult your local veterinarian.

How do I start to introduce the food to my dog's diet?

We recommend a staggered introduction so your pup's system can adjust to her new food. On day 1, feed 25% Zurif Food and 75% her prior diet. On day 2, adjust to 50% Zuri Food, 50% prior food. On day 3, 75% Zuri Food, 25% prior. And by day 4, switch to 100% Zuri Food. If your pup shows sensitivity, you can expand this process to last 4, 5, or 6 days.

Can I return the food?

Because our food is perishable and does not contain any preservatives, we are unable to accept returns. We know exactly where the food has been from purchasing the ingredients to the moment it's dropped at your doorstep. Any lapse in that and we can't guarantee the safety of the food for the next pup.

What if I'm located outside of the South Bay?

Please use our online store to determine if delivery or shipping is available to your area.

My dog has allergies. Can your food better him or her?

Most dog allergies are environmental. By switching to a fresh, human grade diet, your pup's immune system can be boosted to allow for more resistance to allergens. If you know of specific allergies your Vet has diagnosed, use our food calculator and select those ingredients so we can recommend a food that does not contain them.